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.Once upon a time there was a beautiful palomino mare "my mare" such a lovely mover that she looked as if she was flying rather than trotting.

Unfortunately an accident ended our long rides together. But luckily not far away was a beautiful Creme stallion, a champion in his race. This was perhaps, the way to continue my golden dreams.

From their union was born "IEN A FEBUS" a magnificent golden colt with flowing silver mane and tail. Such a lovely caracter, he was so easy, so beautiful, so confident, so lively. What a pleasure to watch him grow.

Since then more young "Fébus's" have seen the day.

That was the begining of the "IEN'A" stud.




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ien'a fébus
"Ien'A Fébus"
One of the rare horses doing long distance riding unshod.



Today Fébus lives happily in Corsica with Brigitte who loves him to bits!